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My name is Cormac Reynolds and I want to tell you about Bioclear – a great new cosmetic dental procedure.
I am currently one of only two dentists in Ireland offering this new service.

So, a few months after I had completed my Biolcear training I got a call from my daughter in London – she had fallen and broken her two front teeth and naturally was very upset.

BioClear treatment before-after broken front teeth

BioClear repairing broken front teeth

She managed to get a flight home early the next morning and using the Bioclear technique I was able to make her teeth as good as new the same day.

She even got home to London that same evening in time to meet some friends.

Before BioClear I would have had to grind her teeth down for veneers but now we can keep the teeth intact and rebuild them straight away. And because we don’t need to use porcelain, and the time and expense involved in making the right colour and shape, it only takes a single visit and works out at half the price.

If you are somebody who hides their teeth when smiling, especially in photographs you might be interested in the different cosmetic improvements now possible with Bioclear.

BioClear before-after closing gaps between teeth

BioClear closing gaps

BioClear tooth alignment

BioClear to aid tooth alignment

As well as repairing broken teeth, Bioclear is a great way to close gaps between the teeth and can even sometimes be an alternative to braces for crossed-over teeth.

Bioclear closing dark triangles

BioClear closing dark triangles caused by gum recession

It is also ideal for dealing with dark triangles where the gum has receded as well as replacing old metal fillings and building up undersized teeth.

BioClear fillings

BioClear fillings

BioClear undersized teeth

Bioclear building up under sized teeth

So, if you are interested in improving your smile why not come and see me for a consultation to find out what is possible.
Alternatively, you can send me a photo of your smile by email to and I‘ll be able to give you an idea of how I can help.


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If you have a Dental Emergency, please call 041-983 8740 and leave a message. Someone will call you back shortly.

positive review  Excellent professional care and friendly efficient staff .Attending now for three decades !

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January 20, 2019
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