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Smart toothbrush yes or noOral hygiene products haven’t made too many technological leaps since 1938 when the first nylon toothbrush was invented.

Since then several improvements were made to the head shape, bristle pattern and handle shape. However not much has changed in how we brushed our teeth until the first electric toothbrush hit the American market in 1960.

Electric toothbrushes took the effort out of brushing. You simply pressed the button and the head started oscillating, rotating or vibrating leaving your teeth sparkling clean. Continue reading

Veneer SmileVeneers are very thin, almost translucent laminates that are fitted to the natural teeth to improve their aesthetic. They are the best guarded secret behind the perfect smiles of not only the Hollywood, but also many Irish celebrities.
Fortunately you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a perfect smile. With technological advances, the prices of cosmetic dentistry have come down quite drastically, so these days almost everyone can afford to improve the look of their gnashers.
In this article we look at the 20 things you should know about the veneers.
Continue reading

Rugby player with missing toothTeeth play an important role. They help us chew and grind up food, speak clearly and show off our smile. They affect the structure of our face and have a strong impact on our appearance.
Each tooth plays a vital role, so leaving a gap if we lose a tooth can have serious consequences.
This article can help you understand the importance of each tooth, the consequences of not replacing it if you lose it and the replacement options that are available. Continue reading

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