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Many people ask us this question whether they should be using botox or not… Is it safe? When should they start? What age is too early? or too late? Can botox injections be used as a preventative and stop a wrinkle in its tracks?
In the past 15 years, we have seen huge reduction in the price of botox treatments. This means that the prospect of looking good is within reach for most of us in the Western World.

Botox injection to foreheadIn fact, for and increasing number of people a botox top-up is as routine as a trip to the hairdresser, and not just for women. A growing number of men, both here and overseas, have started to pay attention to their looks and undergo the procedure.

Is Botox safe?

Yes and no. If the injector doesn’t have the appropriate training and understanding of the face anatomy, then it is easy to end up with asymmetry, also too much injected into a particular muscle can lead to contour irregularities or a “poker face”, a face unable to display any emotions.

Fortunately, in Ireland botox treatments can only be offered by either doctors or dentists, so you are unlikely to experience these kinds of problems as both doctors and particularly dentists, are very well trained in facial anatomy.

The effects of botox are not permanent and they slowly wear off over the period of 3 to 6 months, so in a rare situation that your muscles over-react to the treatment, they will usually go back to normal in a few weeks.

Can preventative Botox stop a wrinkle in its tracks?

Botox injection to eye wrinklesGetting Botox in your 20s and 30s ultimately prevents you from requiring more invasive procedures later. Many women balk at getting Botox so early, instead resolving to get it “one day” — meaning for their 40th, 50th or 60th birthday. Unfortunately you are pretty well guaranteed to get wrinkles, and the older you get the more pronounced they become, so by delaying any procedure means that your wrinkles will require even more TLC down the road – i.e. fillers, lasers and injections.

Can botox make my wrinkles disappear completely?

face image showing wrinkles before and after botox treatmentNo unfortunately, it cannot. No treatment can. It can however make them less prominent and it can delay the formation of the new wrinkles.
With anti-ageing treatments you have to have realistic expectations. Best effects are usually achieved with a combination of treatments such as laser, botox, fillers, radio-frequency etc. that are administered consistently over time.

Is it safe to have Botox while undergoing cancer treatment?

In general terms, there should be no problem with Botox injections even with a diagnosis of cancer. Other treatments like non-permanent fillers are also often feasible. Many clients enjoy the rejuvenation Botox and other treatments can bring to their appearance while working through a difficult time in their life. Feeling good about yourself is part of being able to get going and recover.
Be sure to ask your oncologist for his permission and be sure your doctor administering the injection is aware of your medical problems as well.

Botox as a treatment for cancer?

A new study shows that certain cancer growth could be suppressed by eliminating the signals sent by nerves that are linked to cancer stem cells.
Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Columbia University and MIT, along with researchers from Japan and Germany have now shown that using botox to stop the vagal nerve signal to the tumour can stop the growth of gastric tumours. The researchers have tested the procedure on mice and will soon start testing it on humans.
More details here:

Can you have botox when pregnant?

Botox while pregnant?It’s probably safe, but we don’t know for sure. There have been no well-controlled studies of Botox use in pregnant women.
However, a survey of 900 physicians who administered botox revealed that those ones who knowingly or unknowingly administered botox to pregnant women were not aware of any complications with the pregnancy.
Only one patient, who had prior spontaneous abortions, suffered a miscarriage. All other pregnancies went to term and there were no fetal malformations. The results of this survey can be found here: “Botulinum toxin A during pregnancy – a survey of treating physicians”.
In my opinion we need further data, and until we know more, I would not recommend having botox treatments while you are pregnant.

For more details about the procedure and to make an appointment see our main page about botox treatments here.


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