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Children Dental Care

The age when your baby start teething varies. They may show signs of teething from about 13 weeks (3 months) but the first teeth may not appear until your baby is 6 months old. The bottom incisors usually appear first, followed by the top two teeth. Continue reading

A child brushing teethTeaching children proper dental hygiene from a young age and making sure that they brush their teeth twice a day is the best way of preventing plaque build-up and cavities. The habit they develop now can have a big effect on their teeth later in life.

Unfortunately, getting your children to brush their teeth, and to do it consistently morning and evening, can sometimes be a struggle.

Read about a couple of tricks that will make daily brushing and flossing fun and help your kids develop this important habit. Continue reading

How to prevent orthodontic problems in children - Picture of 2 children showing their nice teethMany parents ask us – “Is there anything I can do to ensure that my child has nice teeth and won’t need to have braces?”.
Many orthodontic problems are hereditary, so you can’t really do anything about them, some others are preventable to a certain extent. Below is a short article on what you can do to prevent orthodontic problems in children.
Continue reading

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month in the US, and every February thousands of dental organizations and providers take time to inform and educate the public about the importance of children’s oral health.
We have therefore decided to devote this article to raising awareness about common dental problems in children and give you some tips on how they can be prevented. Continue reading

Dental cavities - sugar in breakfast cereal is one of the main culpritsTooth decay isn’t a problem that affects only adults.

According to the statistics published by Irish Health, three in four Irish children have dental cavities by the time they reach the age of 15.

The biggest culprit responsible for dental cavities is sugar.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where sugary drinks and snacks are heavily marketed towards children. Although the adverts tell us that an item is healthy because it has nuts, wheat or milk in it, they don’t mention that in reality the main ingredient is sugar. Continue reading


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