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Tooth Facts

Rugby player with missing toothTeeth play an important role. They help us chew and grind up food, speak clearly and show off our smile. They affect the structure of our face and have a strong impact on our appearance.
Each tooth plays a vital role, so leaving a gap if we lose a tooth can have serious consequences.
This article can help you understand the importance of each tooth, the consequences of not replacing it if you lose it and the replacement options that are available. Continue reading

Did you know that instead of filling cavities, dentists may soon be able to Regenerate Teeth?

For dentists, a cavity is a conundrum—in order to save the tooth they must further damage it. Currently, the primary way to treat a cavity is to excavate the decay and the surrounding area before filling the resulting crater with a durable surrogate material such as metal, plastic or glass cement.

But what if instead of drilling holes into teeth and patching them up with synthetic fillers, dentists could coax our pearly whites to regrow themselves?

Continue reading

The American FDA estimates that our annual sugar consumption has reached a staggering 20kg per person!
A major issue is hidden sugars in processed foods – there are 50 different ingredients that are just sugar with different names, so check those labels!


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