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Bioclear is a new dental treatment that can be used to correct irregularities or damage to your front teeth.

In comparison to porcelain and other the veneers that require a dentist to file your existing teeth, and get the veneers pre made the Bioclear treatment is much simpler. Bioclear is minimally invasive, and because it is a simpler system, much cheaper and the results are really amazing.

The advantages of Bioclear include:

  • Great for closing gaps between your teeth
  • More stain resistant than dental bonding
  • More durable than dental bonding
  • Less expensive than porcelain veneers
  • Less invasive than veneers
  • Can be completed in one visit
  • Easy on the gums
  • Easily repaired if damaged

How Does Bioclear Work?

Bioclear Before and afterThe treatment uses a set of patented plastic matrices and a semi-liquid tooth-coloured composite resin to improve the look and strengthen your natural teeth.

Originally developed in 2007 by a dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark, the Bioclear Matrix System is slowly replacing bonding, veneers and in some cases, even dental crowns as the aesthetic dentistry treatment of choice.

It can be used to close spaces between teeth. It can be used to fill in black triangles between teeth that form as we get older, after orthodontics/braces, or gum surgeries. It can also be used to rebuild whole smiles in a less invasive and less expensive manner than it is traditionally done in cosmetic dentistry.

Benefits of BioClear over the traditional methods used in cosmetic dentistry

Traditional methods of restoring chipped teeth, closing gaps and improving the smile include composite resin bonding, teeth capping/crowns and veneers. These methods, while they have their place, they also have many shortcomings.

Traditional bonding can leave ledges and gaps at the margins which accumulate bacteria leading to staining, chipping, cavities, and bleeding gums. The Bioclear Method eliminates these ledges and gaps and allows the dental practitioner to create teeth that are fuller, stronger and more beautiful, while doing little to no damage at all to the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers although very strong, can chip, especially in people who grind their teeth (which is most people) or in an accident. When they do chip, they often can not be repaired and must be completely replaced, which can be costly. Since the Bioclear Method uses dental composite, not porcelain, if the teeth chip, they can be added to and repaired fairly easily and inexpensively.

Porcelain Veneers are also more invasive as they require a portion of the tooth to be filed away to make space for the veneer. The Bioclear Method is an additive technique. You’re adding to the tooth, making it stronger.

The treatment is also less expensive than veneers. While prices vary, it is usually about half the cost of porcelain veneers, which makes it much more affordable to many people.

Bioclear is now available at WQ Dental

Have a look at the results:
BioClear before and afterDr Cormac Reynolds has recently completed an extensive Bioclear training, in England, to become one of the first certified BioClear practitioners in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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