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Dental Braces

dental bracesDental Braces are used to correct crooked or misaligned teeth, it is usually but not exclusively a problem affecting younger patients. The treatment of crooked or misaligned teeth is called orthodontistry.

This is an aspect of dentistry Pat McSherry, our Consultant Orthodontist, specialises in.

He would make an assessment of what is required, and specify a course of treatment. Using fixed or removable dental braces, which are adjusted at regular appointments to bring your teeth into alignment.

Braces take a while to get used to, but usually after a week or two, you forget that you are wearing them. It is however best to avoid certain foods while wearing them, we can explain it all during the initial consultation.

The treatment is usually very successful and once the braces are off, you have a perfect smile.



Do I have to wear braces to straighten my teeth?

No – small corrections using contouring, bonding or veneers can produce great results when the teeth are just a little crooked. However, braces are the treatment of choice when the top priority is keeping your teeth natural and unaltered.

In the past, braces were shunned by adults because the treatment was lengthy and the traditional metal braces were conspicuous and unattractive.

Now we have tooth coloured brackets and invisible, removable braces which have opened up this treatment to many people. Most minor crowding can be corrected in 4-12 months, while more complex problems can be resolved in 18-30 months.

After the braces are removed it is essential to have retainers fitted to prevent the teeth from moving back to their original positions.


Invisible braces - smilelignSMILELIGN braces can give you the smile you want without any brackets fixed to your teeth. They are virtually invisible and very easy to use.

The movement of the teeth is planned in advance so the final result is predictable.

Each stage is accurately planned and tailor made for maximum comfort and a series of removable, transparent aligners move the teeth a little bit at a time.

Depending on the case the treatment can be quite quick, anywhere from 3-12 months, followed by retainers to prevent the teeth moving back.

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Tooth Braces Case Studies

Braces to correct teeth alignment
Brace, whitening, reshaping costing €1825, time – 8 months

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