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Children’s Dentistry

Children's dentistryChildren’s dentistry involves dental care for children from birth to 16 years of age. You should bring your child to see us as soon as possible. This will get them used to us and the practice and prepare them for future visits.

As well as assessing your child’s teeth and gums we will give you advice on how to clean their teeth, what sort of toothbrush to use and how to prevent tooth decay.

Our whole team is very good at helping children (and their parents) feel at ease and we have many toys to help them relax while waiting for their appointment.

How to reduce the risk of dental cavities in your children’s teeth

The good news is that you can easily prevent your child from having cavities by changing just a couple of daily habits.

  • Lead by example – look at reducing your own intake of sugary foods and drinks and replacing them with healthier alternatives like fruit. Get family on board – grandparents especially should appreciate that they need to be more responsible with treats.
  • A treat after a meal is much better than as a snack in between
  • Remove temptation – don’t keep a stock of tempting goodies at home, buy them singly as a treat. Its easier to say no if it’s not there anyway.
  • Water or milk should be the standard drinks – fruit juice, fizzy drinks and diluted drinks should be treated as treats. Never put juice, soda or other sweetened drinks in a baby bottle. Wait until 12 months to give juice and then limit consumption to meal and snack times.
  • Start reading the labels on everything you buy – you’ll be surprised at how many contain sugar, even crisps and pizza. Breakfast cereals are a major offender
  • Help or supervise brushing every night and look at their teeth for any sign of a cavity
  • Arrange a dental check at least once a year from age 2 onwards
  • After School Snacks:  Tired and hungry after school, kids will often beg for a sugary treat when their body is really crying out to be refuelled with proper food. Providing protein and fat will help give them a natural energy boost and keep them full until dinnertime. Think apple slices with cheese, veggie sticks and pitta bread with hummus, a home-made oat bar, or energy bites.
  • Replace sugary breakfast cereal with oatmeal. As parents the last thing we want is an argument about food first thing in the morning but feeding our kids sugary breakfast cereals is going to start their day off with an inevitable sugar rush and slump which will leave them craving the stuff all day. Oats are a fantastic and cheap way to feed a family and there’s so much you can do with them – warm porridge, cold overnight oats, oat bars and flapjacks, etc. Have a look at this easy recipe below:

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