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Dental Crowns and Bridges


Tooth crowns - process explainedCrowns are made from porcelain, sometimes with a metal core for extra strength, and cover the whole tooth. When a tooth is no longer strong enough to retain a filling or is too discoloured for a veneer to be fitted, we will use a crown.

We closely match the surface of the crown to the colour and translucency of your natural teeth so it is almost impossible to tell them apart. Crowns last a long time and require no special care you just look after them in the same way as your natural teeth.

Missing or extracted teeth should be replaced to prevent surrounding teeth from moving towards the gap, to maintain your ability to chew and for your appearance. A bridge can be used for this purpose, as can dentures or an implant.

DENTAL  CROWNS – Frequently Asked Questions

Crowns done correctly can produce fantastic results but do involve more tooth reduction and higher costs then veneers.

Are crowns the best option for me?

Generally, crowns are not recommended for healthy, unfilled teeth but may be the best option if you:

  • Want a beautiful, long-lasting smile
  • Have many large defective fillings
  • Are looking for complete smile makeover of colour, shape and straightness

What you should know:

  • A crown covers the whole tooth up to the gumline
  • Crowns can completely mask even the most discoloured teeth
  • Weak back teeth can benefit hugely from being crowned, protecting them from breaking
  • A significant amount of tooth may need to be removed, carrying a risk of nerve damage
  • Crowns are more expensive than bonding or veneers


Dental bridge conceptA bridge is a porcelain tooth fixed to one or more teeth beside the gap.

It can be an adhesive bridge which is attached to the back of the next tooth or full coverage where the adjacent tooth or teeth also receive a crown.

As with a crown, a bridge will closely resemble your natural teeth, will be long lasting and does not require special care.

DENTAL BRIDGES – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bridge my best option?

Generally speaking , an implant is the ideal choice to replace a missing tooth but a bridge may the best option if you:

  • Have financial or health reasons that make implants unsuitable
  • Don’t mind having neighbouring teeth reduced to serve as anchors
  • Want an option that feels and looks better than a removable denture

What you should know:

  • An adhesive bridge is fixed only to the back surface of the tooth, minimising enamel removal
  • A full coverage bridge is best if the anchor tooth is weak or discoloured or crooked
  • Keeping your bridge clean involves special flossing and regular cleaning visits

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Dental Crown and Bridges Case Studies

Porcelain bridge, costing €1550, time – 3 weeks
Whitening and four crowns, costing €2900, time – 6 weeks
Whitening and four crowns, costing €2600, time – 6 weeks
Whitening and four crowns, costing €2600, time – 6 weeks

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