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Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene - WQ DentalGood oral health care will help avoid problems with your teeth and gums.

Although there are some conditions and diseases that make tooth loss, almost inevitable the products and technologies available mean that most people can keep their teeth for life.

The most common suggestions to have a healthy set of teeth for a lifetime is to brush and floss them often. Most teeth and mouth problems are triggered or caused by plaque, an icky layer of bacteria, food particles and other organic matter that forms on the surface of the teeth.

It is the bacteria found in plaque that are responsible for the damage, they produce acids that dissolve your teeth and cause cavities to form. Plaque is also responsible for periodontal disease, an infection that can damage the tissues and erode the bone surrounding the teeth.


Are your teeth in need of a good clean?

Our dental hygienists, Majella and Aoife, can do that, and give you guidance on future care. They also carry out many important preventative care procedures to help ensure your teeth last your lifetime.

Using the latest equipment, they will scale and polish your teeth to remove plaque and hard deposits (tartar). In addition, they may carry out intensive cleaning over several visits if gum disease is present.

Our hygienists will give you useful nutritional and lifestyle advice to improve your oral health.

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