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Dental Hypnosis | Hypnodontics

A woman relaxed after Dental Hypnosis Dental anxiety is a serious problem. Some people get so anxious at the mere mention of a word dentist, that they would rather put up with severe pain than undergo a dental treatment. Dental hypnosis has been used for many years as a way of helping very nervous patients to lower their anxiety before and during dental treatments. Dr Reynolds now offers this service at Wellington Quay Dental.

How does Dental Hypnosis work?

The aim of dental hypnosis is to help our patients reduce their anxiety without the aid of any drugs. During the hypnosis patients achieve a state of very deep relaxation, similar to daydreaming, meditation or being engrossed in a good book.

The sensation of being under hypnosis is like the feeling just before falling asleep. During the hypnosis, patient anxiety fades into the background instead of being overwhelming. You are not asleep, just deeply relaxed, yet in full control at all times.

The Discovery Channel video “Human Body: Pushing The Limits” shows how the treatment works.

How safe is Dental Hypnosis? Does it have any after effects?

Being under hypnosis is a pleasant experience, very safe and relaxing. You will have your eyes closed, but still be fully aware of where you are, of the background noise and of what is happening.

You will not be asked to do anything out of the ordinary. After coming out of hypnosis you will feel physically and mentally refreshed. If it makes you feel safer, you can bring a companion to your appointments.

There are no side effects. Once out of hypnosis, you are completely awake and can carry on with the rest of your day.

Dental hypnosis is successfully used by many dental practitioners around the world. See below a video of a patient receiving treatment in one of the well known dental clinics in London.

How much does Dental Hypnosis cost?

Dr Reynolds has completed his dental hypnosis training with the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis in Glasgow.  He now offers this treatment at WQ Dental. The first Hypnosis Consultation visit takes approximately 30 minutes.

During this visit you will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be hypnotised, and how you feel afterwards. No dental procedure will be carried out during the first appointment.

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